James (St.) The Great

   One of the Apostles of our Lord, whose Festival is observed on July 25th, St. James was the brother of St. John and the son of Zebedee and Salome. With St. John he received the appellation of "Boanerges" from our Lord. He has also been surnamed the Great or the Greater by the Church, but neither of these designations can be satisfactorily accounted for. St. James was the first of the Apostles who suffered martyrdom and the only one whose death is recorded in the New Testament (Acts 12:1). In ecclesiastical art St. James is variously represented as a pilgrim with staff; with staff and shell; as a child with staff and wallet with shell upon it; on a white charger conquering the Saracens; this last with reference to his being regarded as the Patron Saint of Spain, Santiago, "St. Iago of Compostella."

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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